Sunday, February 12, 2017


The 6th-8th grade students have spent the last few weeks studying the genre of mythology. Students have been seeking to discover how the culture and belief system of the Ancient Greeks have impacted our current culture today. Did you know that our idea of democracy first got it's start with the Ancient Greek people? Did you also know that the literature, art, philosophy and theater from the time period of the Ancient Greeks continues to impact us today?

Throughout this unit of study the 6th-8th grade students have familiarized themselves with the ways of life for the people living in Greece during 800 BC. They have completed research, a web quest and studied maps of the land to help further this understanding. Students have also begun discussing the belief system of the Ancient Greek people - mythology. They have studied how the Greek people believed their world started and have begun discussing the many gods and goddess whom the Greeks believed created the many natural events that occurred in their life. These gods, it's believed, helped answer the fundamental and difficult questions about the people and their world. Students will continue to study these gods and goddesses and will even participate in reader's theater's activities where they will get to portray these gods and goddesses through acting!

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